Live Your Best Aesthetic |5 Interior Design Tips

Fake flowers in an empty hooch bottle always works a treat.

Transforming your college house into home is no easy feat. The level of style attained is often determined by how small your Harry Potter closet is and whether or not the appliances in the gaff are working. Luckily, ANYONE can achieve some level of comfort in your home away from home. What follows are a few simple tricks and hints on how to make your room banging on a budget.



Get yourself to Penneys or Tiger and pick up some of these bad boys. They make the most foreboding of dens look comforting and offer the inhabitant a sense of warmth that may or may not exist depending on the quality of the heating system.


Trinkets are absolutely essential. You may be called a hoarder but when you pile them all together they look less naff. If this jumble was in the Tate, I am almost positive I would be making millions.


Clothes Rails

Rails are inexpensive but they can create the illusion of a shabby chic boutique. They will also highlight the fact that your fashion sense ranges from slutty funeral to fairy sparkles.


Actual Photographs

Most rented houses will not allow you to stick things to the walls. Don’t do it, you will peel off a lot of paint and spend the last two weeks of your lease frantically trying to hide your disobedience with paint filler. Instead print actual, real photos and stick them around a mirror. Decorating your nest with pictures of your favourites is a sure way to brighten up your day.


Get Crafty 

The making of bunting, for me, generally happens when I should be studying for exams. It’s ridiculously cheap, kind of fun and slightly therapeutic. If you are too busy to try and be as domesticated as Mary Berry, get your arty friend to sort you out. Rabbits, Unicorns and Owls are very in at the moment FYI.


Pick a Theme and Stick to it


I like to call the aesthetic of my little craic den ‘Floral Tropico Festival With a Hint of Death and Animal Ornaments’ A.K.A a jumble of ridiculous junk.
Making Ikea mildly jealous of your abode doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive and with an average level of determination, you too can make the nest glow with six sets of fairy lights.

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