Fantastic Openers | & Where to Find Them


Roses are red; violets are blue, if you are on tinder, fair play to you.

There is a common misconception that tinder is all about sex, and it mainly is, but here are some top lines both men and women get and here’s how to cut through the WUA?


Where you Hun?

Are you out? Do you want to let me rub my genitals off you in a smoking room?


Do you live at home?

Because I do


Here I barely even use tinder, do you want to shoot me your number?

I like knowing when people have seen my messages so I can be creepy AF, find you on social media and just have another tinder contact in my phone. I always use tinder.


Do you have snapchat?

I have been deceived by an XX pro filter before


I am travelling the world and I want to meet new friends

I have nowhere to stay once I get off this plane


You’re not like other girls

I am like every man, disappointing


Your bio is so funny

I have said that to 17 people without realizing that your unique bio is simply an octopus emoji


 There is something about your smile

I am creepy


I work in sales

I work in Tesco


Nice tits

I am creepy


I work in the food industry  

I am a waiter


Wanna be my little spoon?

I am creepy


I work in sports

I play football in me Mam’s garden when she is at work


Yeah man I do personal training in my free time, work in IT during the week and work at being a full time mad bastard at the weekend

I am, the, worst


I like open minded girls

I like anal


What’s good in your world man???

I have just got back from my gap year and I am lonely for my psychedelic friends


You out this weekend?

You DTF this weekend?


Wanna have sex?

Wanna have sex?

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