Coffee Spot of The Week: Little Bird, Portobello



Little Bird offers its clientele two greats; coffee and yoga and in this case, two rights make a right. Set on the idyllic South Circular Road. Little Bird provides coffee lovers with the perfect chill out complete with delicious snacks and the opportunity to build up a sweat, with yoga and Pilates classes running from dawn till dusk every day.

The interiors of the café are simplistic and calming with décor at a minimum, in its place there are fresh fruits and vegetables for sale along with all sorts of tonics to make the soul feel good. The café is equipped with witty greeting cards and essential oils for those who might have forgotten their friend’s birthday and must come up with a solution fast. The treats on offer range from a deadly looking chocolate cake to thick slabs of oaty goodness in the shape of flapjacks, to re-energize after a yoga session or indeed to finish off brunch. Coeliacs are taken care of with gluten free options available.



Most importantly, the coffee is amazing. This is Best of..Coffee after all. The coffee, tasted without milk has a slight tint of blackberries, oats and perhaps a very slight whiff of essential oils which may be psychosomatic due to the serene surroundings. It’s almost too drinkable. The bean they use is Badger and Dodo and you can literally taste the quality. When I ask the staff, what makes a good coffee, I get a mix of answers; Johnny says it’s the “rustiqueness.” Bev says it’s the “taste”. Sally who doesn’t actually drink coffee but knows a lot about it says it’s the “single source bean”.

On that note, it cannot go without mentioning that the staff are extremely fun and friendly. With Otis Day and the Knights playing in the background and the palpable positive vibes in the café, it’s the perfect place to bring your friend or newspaper and simmer down.

The food preparation area is out in the open and you can smell the fresh herbs, organic eggs and fresh baking the moment you walk in the door. The café gifts their regulars with a Brunch Special that changes every Sunday. This week it was two poached eggs with feta and rainbow beetroot on sourdough toast – a brunch of dreams. If their home-made sundried tomato pesto is anything to go by, you can tell that a lot of love and thought goes into each meal they make.


There is an outside area equipped with blankets for the sun loungers, people watchers and smokers. Indeed, it is a great place to people watch. If you would rather do that from inside, they have a large open window sitting in a morning sun trap. The counter is perfect for people on the run or for those who want a more casual dining experience.




I asked the fun baristas what makes a good coffee and in asking that question, I need to consider what makes a good café. It’s simple, good coffee, a good soundtrack (a nod to the 50s/60s in the case of Little Bird) and an environment where you could put the feet up for an hour or two because that’s what good coffee spots are for and that is why Little Bird makes this week’s Coffee Spot of the Week.

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