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Tasteful decors and strong coffee make Clement and Pekoe the perfect city centre spot to drop your shopping bags and have a catch-up.

The interiors, treats and aesthetic of the café are all topped off by the smooth hit of coffee that you just know is made with love every time. An Americano, tasted black, goes down as easily as vodka on a Saturday night.

Clement and Pekoe use high quality coffee from Ireland and further afield. Brands include Climpson & Sons, London, Baobab, Celbridge, Upside, Dublin and The Barn – Berlin. The coffee will give you one of those serious caffeine hits that makes you 600% more productive and 700 times happier.

The name Clement and Pekoe is inspired by their love for both tea and coffee. The decors of the café are said to be influenced by Japanese Kisanes and European standing room only expresso bars. The space flits between minimalistic, modern and kitschy all at once.

The walls are lined with high quality tea leaves and coffee beans, and add to the sense that the amiable staff know exactly what they’re talking about when it comes to caffeination. The gorgeous tea can be purchased on the Clement and Pekoe website and at a reasonable price. The best way to enjoy C&P, however is to sit in and soak up the chilled atmosphere and the jazzy playlist.

The bench outside is an essential throne for every people-watching king and queen. Elevated by steps, you can watch the world go by with ease. When the sun is shining, it’s almost too easy to watch the creative quarter tick and tock for hours.

A notable view across the road from the iconic bench is Miss Fantasias, they often change the sexy outfits on the display mannequins so there’s always something to look at if you’re on a date and are feeling tongue-tided.

The treats on offer range from protein balls for those watching their waists to decadent chocolate brownies that you can just tell, are just moist. (Sorry for using that word but it’s true.)

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If you’re having a wander around with your lap-top, it’s the perfect place to do some solo study as the seating plan is reminiscent of a study hall but not nearly as boring, with a chandelier and brick wall giving the interior a “Gossip Girl loft” feel. Laptops are a no-no at the weekend but with good reason. The café is constantly heaving with coffee lovers, catcher-uppers and Saturday shoppers.

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Clement and Pekoe is a very “grammable” space. For those who are not familiar with the term “grammable”: it means that the object, place, person or thing lends itself visually to being Instagrammed. (You learn something new everyday.) There is an eclectic collections of books dispersed throughout the café, on topics such as art, music, fashion and history. If you forgot your book, you need not worry because there’s plenty on offer with a cubby hole for curling up in the back area of the café.

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Although Clement and Pekoe may be constantly bustling with people lunging in and out all day – it still manages to make itself the perfect refuge from the sound of Luas dings and taxi beeps, and if anything, you’ll get a good hit of coffee and a great Instagram out of it.

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