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Lindsay Hamilton could be described as the influencers of all influencers as she transcends the curated portrayals of the Instagrammed and famous. She is the co-founder of the hard-ass podcast IT Galz, one of the gorgeous faces of Outcider, a fashion icon and a mum of two. We at Tigers in Dresses want to know what makes this goddess tick.

 You and Jenny Claffey are the founders of the IT Galz podcast…can you tell me how this whole thing started?

Jenny and I have been friends for years and always enjoyed drinking cans while gossiping and talking about current issues. Jenny had been listening to podcasts and was like: “We could do this!” We just went for it and started cracking our cans and having our usual conversations just with a mic!

What was the main goal when you started the podcast?


We were sick of seeing perfectly preened “influencers” and feeling represented by them. Being an Irish woman for us is to be vivacious, wild and hysterical. We weren’t seeing that celebrated enough on social media. Popular Irish women on social media had perfected this pristine curated picture of themselves. Spending Saturday night dusting their shoe collection that they place on Ikea shelves, we ain’t about that and wanted to trample on that bullshit and bring realness to the forefront!

I’ve read that you guys saw a gap in the market when the “influencer” bomb exploded – what do you think of influencer culture now?

There is a definite change in climate lately and everyone is getting called out, however over the years these influencers have picked up manipulating marketing tactics that they have up their sleeves. People ask for real and they’ll throw up a curated pic of themselves showing a single stretch mark. Even their attempts of being raw and real are usually curated. We need realize the power is in our hands and that’s to be wise to their falseness and just give them no attention. It’s a case of all press is good press. Every time a blogger gets called out or caught out their following goes up.

The drama breeds followers and views. Give them no attention, unfollow them if you don’t like them and then we may see changes.

 You guys talk about everything, from fuckboys to friendship, where do you get your inspiration?

Lindsay & Jenny doing what they do best!

We talk back and forth with the galz who listen to us and have turned into a form of agony aunts in some regard. We’ve been so open on the podcast I feel it created this safe space where women feel they can come to for advice. We both adore sex and the city and just loved the idea of fine tooth combing through relationship problems and gal pal issue

How did it feel to be chosen as the face of Outsider?

We both have had a love affair with cider for a long, long time so it felt like we made it! I guess it was the same feeling the bloggers feel when they buy that Gucci belt hahaha!

You are known for keeping it real – do you think it’s something we’re lacking on social media today?

If you follow the right people it definitely exists on social media. I think Irish women just got obsessed with the perfection that was being presented.

Real is always there you just gotta be real to find it. Real recognizes real baby!

Have you ever gotten nasty/spooky feedback for your online content?

Sometimes but it’s water off a bitches back whose sweating in the club. Don’t focus on it, laugh about it and have some good clap backs up your sleeve!

How did you get into tattoo artistry?

I met a girl years ago who was doing it with Indian ink and a safety pin. My sisters and I all got tats and did them on each other. Don’t do that though! Safety pin needles are blunt at the tip so the tattoo will be blurry AF. I moved onto tattoo needles and just practiced on whatever poor bastard would let me!

Clearly, you and little Miss Luna are fashion icons – who are your fashion inspos?

I have a few insta galz I follow who give me inspo on how to put outfits together. The music I listen to and movies shape my fashion sense too. I pick it up from anywhere and everywhere but I live by the three C’s; to always feel: cool, comfortable and confident. If one of those is missing I won’t be feeling good. When I’m getting ready my room is like a bomb hit!

What would you have said to pre-influencer Lindsay starting out on her path to success?

Maybe to not call out so many people by name but yolo, I stand by what I said. At least what I remember. I would say to just throw pics up and not strive for perfection. At the start I think I was picky with putting up photos. Saying to myself, “you could look better/skinner/prettier” I was forgetting the fact that it’s a picture of ME so no matter what way you spin it you look like that! Just accept that not every pic will be your best but embrace it, throw it up and don’t look at likes or followers. Look at the quality and consistency of your content.

What words do you live by?


You help brands get seen, podcast and look after two of the most adorable children in Dublin – how do you find the time to balance all of this?!?!

I’m in the process of trying to be more organised but it’s hard! I’m still learning and trying every day to get better. I am not in the place to give advice on that yet though!

As a young mum and an influencer, do you feel pressured to give off a certain message, in terms of parenting/being good for the public eye?

I always aim to improve myself but not specifically for my public image. When you put yourself out there like I do you can get some negative comments which I have learned to take as constructive criticism. Obviously, you get some comments that are purely to make you feel bad but some can be a bit of an insight into something you may need to work on. I’m striving to have a more positive outlook, be loving towards people and show compassion. I try to use those qualities in every aspect of what I do and it’s been really uplifting for me.

You constantly cut through the bullshit which is amazing and sadly rare in other online personas – what inspires you to keep it real?

When I was pregnant with Luna I got really influenced by social media. I followed pregnant women who I thought I aspired to be and got consumed with being as perfect by them. Seeing them every day, comparing myself and getting obsessed with curating myself to be like that.

I saw the power of what you put forward and how it can affect other people. I noticed it wasn’t improving my life it was just chipping away at the value and enjoyment I had in my life before.

I love taking photos and using social media but I decided to just be myself on it and not fake anything.

What pearl of wisdom would you give to gals of the world?

Be your own best friend.

Hannah Kingston

This blog is a collection of ramblings from a girl who is trying to remain both emotionally and economically stable during her first year in the big smoke

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