Week One: Pina coladas, pad thai & pampering

And just like that, week one of the big adventure is over, I am currently typing from our mini-bus to the airport, sweating a litre a minute and eating banana flavoured thai rolls, which are genuinely the most delicious crunchy snack I have ever had. If you ever end up in Thailand, please make sure to pick me up some. 

I barely know where to start, what a week!

This was my first time visiting Phuket or indeed Thailand and every second had my soul singing. We’re talking 24/7 heat, we’re talking 1.50 iced coffees the size of your head, we’re talking all of the food you order on Diep but better. We’re talking elephants, monkeys, baby sharks, fresh pineapple, sun kisses and beach days you wish could last forever. 

My first impression of Thailand was “Wow, this is luscious” It’s colourful, loud, busy, noisy. It has rolling hills covered in rainforest, a thick and warm smell of sea salt in the air and a bustling city atmosphere, though it is mainly made up of a string of busy towns. From day dot, all of the Phuketian people that I met were incredibly friendly despite the large volume of tourists that visit each year. I say this after I visit every non-English speaking country but next time I will try to come back with more vocabulary, even though communicating through mime and laughter was a bit of a skit in itself. 

As we are on our way to settle down in Melbourne (Eek, I still can’t believe it), we decided from the get go that we wanted our stop-over in Thailand to be less dance-y and more relax-y. Research showed us that Karon or Kata would be the ideal spot as they boost gorgeous beaches and easy transfers to nearby islands. Having completed a decent amount of Vlog viewing before our arrival, I knew that while areas like Patong might be fun for one night, they wouldn’t offer us the much needed serenity that we needed from a base camp. 

We decided to stay in Karon which hosts an idyllic long white sandy beach, restaurants, bars and markets. The hotel was ideally located a 5-10 minute walk from the beach but was off the main strip which meant we could easily fall into our pina colada infused naps. Stunning. 

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Put simply, I’m so happy that we decided to take a week to acclimatise to something that is a little closer to our climate and decompress on our way to a new way of life, which will ultimately involve a job and house hunt in its first few weeks. A prospect that would probably be a lot more stressful had I not just had the most relaxing thai massage. 

Taking a week out to catch our breath and have a little fun was a great way to start our new adventure and sure who doesn’t love a bit of 2020 self-care, health and wellness energy?! 

Few bits

***A Few Hours Later***

I am currently sitting on the plane and despite a big delicious melatonin capsule, I cannot sleep. I might be scared or excited, or a little bit of both. I haven’t decided yet, either way I will be landing in Melbourne in 6 hours and 56 minutes and in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to start a weekly little update which I have completed above, as well as a hot or not list (views are my own, don’t attack me TM) which I have completed below. Enjzzoy. 


The Media As We Know It – A recent media death that is forcefully reminding us of how cruel popular and social media can be. This incident closely resembles an episode of Black Mirror that I found particularly disturbing. There are a number of online publications that need to put their hands up now and take responsibility, though they can’t undo the very real impact that they had on this individual’s life.

Tennis Shoes, Still Here, Still Ugly  – Why are they still here? Why are all brands following suit? Who is creating a market for these big ugly bricks? Make it stop, immediately! 

Self-care Vs. Selfish – I’m noticing a shift between self care and selfish. Self care is looking after yourself for yourself. Selfish in this case is using self-care as an excuse to do what you want when you want. “Jomo” and “Put your mask on before you put someone else’s on” is great and I 100% agree but let’s not be a generation of flaky people mislabeling it as something else.

Renting In Dublin – Could you be arsed?

The Murder Genre – I’m probably going to get cancelled for saying this but, like, have we not had enough? Murder mysteries have never been my aesthetic. I watched the Ted Bundy docu-movie this year and couldn’t sleep for 4 days, however, I am mildly irritated by how obsessed everyone is by murder at the moment, should we be more careful to avoid fetishizing the topic? More asking than telling, don’t @ me. 


I’m Grand Mam  – The I’m Grand Mam boys are BACK and I’m WEAKER than ever for their podcast which offers nothing but lols, awwws, and yasss(S) (Not certain on how to spell a plural yas.) Seriously, if you’re looking for an easy way to keel over laughing, open up your Spotify and turn the boys on BLAST. Prepare for some of the most well told anecdotes you will ever hear. 

Blindboy’s Boatclub – Blindboy’s latest book Boatclub is yet another triumph. It is, fully demented. it will make you laugh out loud “Toby” but it will also make you think “Slumbo”/“Maura” and some of it is just entertaining but you don’t fully understand why “Below in Joeey Ramone.” Overall, it’s not hard work to read but it illustrates skill and creative flexibility that you only see in those who have mastered the art of a short story, such as Blindboy has.

Birds Of Prey – Surprisingly so much better than I thought it was going to be, though I know there’s mixed reviews in the press. Following Suicide Squad and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, I think Margot Robbie deserved a movie better dedicated to her, she delivered. Action-packed, simple, smart, an easy two hours and a comeback for the ultimate bombshell. 

Longer Evenings – There is nothing I like to hear more than; “God there really is a grand stretch in the evenings.” “Tis brightening up now.” “It will be Summer before we know it.” Let the sounds of Summer begin.

Voice Notes – Don’t worry, I haven’t just realised that voice notes are a thing, but I just want to give them a piping hot trophy this week because they have been helping me get through the “Ahhh!” factor of moving. A well-curated “VN” makes it feel like you’re having a phone call even if you’re on different sides of the clock. Long live voice notes, may they always be as piping hot as the tea served through them. Amen. 

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