Week five: If you can't stop, run

I can’t think of an introduction for this. We are living through extremely unsettling times. Welcome to my brain dump.

This is not what I was expecting from my year out of Ireland. Ahead of moving 6 weeks ago, I imagined easily making new pals, a funky job, a gorgeous house, endless sunny days spent on the beach and balmy nights in bars.

Standing in the cereal isle yesterday, a single tear runs down my cheek because I can’t find branflakes. I don’t even like them that much but I’m thinking about everyone at home and there are signs up asking customers not to be abusive to staff. There are hiring freezes and my bank account is something I don’t want to look at. If you clear your throat, people run down the tram. I miss my cat. 

I won’t pontificate on what may or may not happen. I won’t outline my thoughts on whether there will be a recession or who is the worst off, how long this might last or how I feel about border closure deadlines. We have enough of that in the news and on social media. I came here to write this and take a break from the madness so here goes.

Right now, the majority of us are feeling anxious. I feel like I’m floating through space, not knowing what to do or say. 

It’s scary, I’m scared, we’re all scared. I want to take a break from the influx of daily stats and facts but it’s hard to switch off.

Let’s talk about something else. Let’s talk about about running.
If you can’t stop (worrying), run, either literally or to something that will take you away from everything that may cause tears in the cereal isle.

Generally speaking, I hate running if it’s not on a treadmill. Outside it’s hotter and sweatier and your earphones keep falling out and you need to deal with human traffic and potential rain. You have to carry your water bottle and you don’t know where to put your phone. It’s not a good time.

In the last few weeks, things have changed. In the absence of Class Pass, I had a choice in managing my mental and physical health. I could A) Sit on my phone and read yet-another-article and frantically text my mom or B) I could run.

I ran. I ran fast and for a long time and for the first time since this whole thing started, I felt a sense of real relief. It’s been two weeks and I’m a running addict. I run the pier and I run the park. With each step, I feel more in control. With each breathe, I gain a sense of purpose. It’s silent, no music, just my breathe and I. My body hurts but it’s busy. My mind is quieter and doesn’t have time to wander down the path to worry. 

Running is not for everyone and I’m not telling you to do it, but I recommend starting a project. A project that is yours. A project that will benefit you. A project that takes your mind off what is going on, even if it’s just 40 minutes a day.

Maybe your project will be knitting cat jumpers or learning how to make risotto. It might be a graphic design course, scrapbooking or finally watching all of Handmaid’s Tale. Although Handmaid’s Tale might be a bit too close to home in its Dystopian nature right now. Maybe go with Disney. 

Whatever it is, do it for you. Put your mask on first and you can be better for those around you. Focus on what your grateful for and write it down. For the love of God, wash your hands.

We are living through extremely unsettling times but it won’t be like this forever.

10 Things I’m Grateful For This Week:

1. Finally getting a gaff

2. Toilet paper

 3. Uber eats

4. Community and corporate kindness

5. 7/11 $1 coffee

6. The ability to work remotely

7. Powerbanks

8. Cheap white wine

9. $upa Bargains 

10. Candles 

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