Week 6: Tougher stuff

I read a very well written article in The Weekend Australian this week entitled “Tougher Stuff”. It put forward the idea that women are genetically stronger than men. Disclaimer: This is not the only reason I liked the article so much. 

The article spoke about the fact that for centuries, society has accepted the idea that men are stronger than women, the “strong man myth” so to speak. The piece made me think about societal acceptance and how it can sometimes lead to overlooking the facts, or even well grounded hypotheses that are right in front of us. 

To date, preclinical research does not demand that both male and female mice be utilised. In the theories put forward by Dr. Sharon Moalem (a male scientist), this is one of the key reasons that genetic strength has not yet been thoroughly compared between men and women.

This article made me think of evolution and adaptation, how we adapt to unfavorable circumstances, while others resist change. The specific question raised in the article for me was around the psyche of those who are refusing to self-isolate.

*I promise I will absolutely start articles around the best places to brunch in Melbourne when time/the law allows me to leave the house for non-essential bits.*

Week six has me focused on resisting the urge to judge how other people are dealing with the current circumstances, but, to a point, and that point is acting recklessly with our health. I say OUR HEALTH because the more time they spend outside, the more time we spend inside. 

Unsurprisingly, we have all begun to feel a little cranky, confined within the walls of our home, however, if boredom is your biggest worry, it’s time to check your privilege. 

This week, the circumstances have started to ramp up. The US has overtaken China in the number of COVID19 cases, Boris Johnson who so infamously put forward the idea of herd immunity has now been diagnosed with the virus and Ireland has entered into an even tighter stage of lockdown. 

In Melbourne, the penny has finally dropped. Those who have traveled in the last two weeks and are caught in a public place will be fined $20,000. Those who are engaging in group activities in public will be fined $1,600. Funerals may be attended by five people, weddings may be attended by three. All beaches are closing and police officers are spending their shifts walking up and down the beaches to ensure that new rules are adhered to. It’s about time. 

Watching the news and social media from home up until this week has been a little like living in some form of a freaky Friday. Despite the rapid rise in Australian cases, guidelines and regulations as seen at home have not been quick to match. In fact, up until this week, there has been a borderline “whatever” attitude. 

For a summary of my thoughts on the people who are continuing to live their lives like there isn’t a pandemic, Ricky Thompson eloquently communicates how I feel:

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Back to the “Tougher Stuff” article, evolution, and adaptation, Dr. Sharon says: “In the past, strength meant protecting yourself and your family, your tribe and your group – that relied on physical strength, but we have evolved as a society and now machines and technology provide more strength than a human is able to produce.”

In my humble opinion, strength still means protecting yourself and your family, your tribe and your group. Show strength by listening to the professionals who are telling you how to protect your people. 

2020 has given us enough technology to fend off boredom and maintain human connection. Anne Frank was in hiding for TWO YEARS without TikTok or House Party or Instagram Live. That was a life or death situation, THIS is also a life or death situation, except we can remain entertained and well fed.

Evolution got us this far. Sink or swim, adapt or die, we can do it. We can stay at home. I know we all want to drink mimosas and hug each other and go to the gym and have a reason to put on a bra in the morning. I know. Just keep reminding yourself that it won’t be like this forever. Adapt. Pivot. Learn. Just stay home. 

10 Things I’m Grateful For This Week:

  1. Kate Ryan, my self-isolation soul sister, and provider of top quality memes
  2. Catherine Kingston, fulltime nurse, fulltime superstar
  3. Easy cook noodles
  4. Today In Focus (Podcast)
  5. The creators of the Homecoming Live documentary
  6. The sound of birds singing 
  7. The grand stretch in the evening
  8. The saying: “What’s for you won’t pass you.”
  9. Hummus
  10. Crackers to dip into number 9

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