Week 8: Lessons learned since moving to Australia

Week 8,

A new world where every interaction begins with “I hope this message finds you well in these strange and unsettling times.”

Nonetheless, I hope this blog post finds you well in these strange and unsettling times.

To tell you the truth, I’m sick of spending time with myself, and as lovely as I believe I am I want a refund or at least a gift card for the inconvenience of having to spend this much time with myself. Over familiarity breeds contempt. I can’t remember who said that but they’re dead right.

Generally speaking, I love my own space and time but I’m over it now and I am ready to be in a beer garden with a gin and tonic, soaking up a Friday mood.

God, I miss beer gardens. I miss dancing. I miss giving my friends bear hugs. I have run out of body parts to exfoliate and moisturise. If I put on one more sheet mask, my face is going to slide off my head. There are only so many times in a week I can repaint my nails. I bought oil pastels today, let’s hope for a new talent.

The highlights of my days and weeks are going to Aldi, running and going for a shower. I have also become completely and utterly obsessed with home renovation mood boards and Facebook Marketplace.

Despite the onslaught of speculation and shit news, I’ll cut myself off from my complaining tab now, even if I don’t have juicy goss and I am as irritable as the day is long, very long. I do not invite wallowing and self pity into this space. This is supposed to be an archive of bits to look back at when I’m old and too tired to be spending all my money in The George.

Instead of adding onto the misery, let’s look back to the last few weeks and the lessons that have been learned so far from moving country. Here’s the unsolicited wisdom, you didn’t ask for.

Nothing is that scary

Moving country, moving timezones, making new friends, trying to find a new house, trying to find a new job, trying to drink enough water every day; none of it is as scary as you build it up to be in your head, and if you break down whatever steps you need to take to make these life things happen and focus hard on getting them, you will get them, simple as.

My biggest pet peeve in the height of the settling down period, was people (helpfully) telling me to relax and that it would all slot into space. I was like HOW CAN I RELAX, IT IS ALL VERY SCARY, then just like that everything started to fall into place and now I am that annoying friend telling people that it will all work out. It’s a vicious cycle of support and disbelief. I am not trying to Live, Laugh, Love you here. That’s not who I am but throw yourself at change and you’ll adapt. Stop thinking of the worst case scenario and the next thing you know, it will happen.

The internet has us blessed

The internet has us fecking blessed. I know part of the experience of moving country is jumping into a new way life but staying connected is important, especially now, given the, eh, strange and unsettling times. Distance can help you realize what you have in a really big way. Sometimes something subtle and nondescript happens but it makes feel the feels, and that’s nice.

Change happens as quickly or slowly as you like it

One of the scariest things about change, especially for low key control freaks like yours truly, can be feeling like you don’t have a handle on everything. This feeling is intensified if lots of changes are happening at once. This experience has shown me that change happens as quickly or slowly as we like it to. In the last eight week, I have explored two countries, changed residences eight times, attended seven job interviews, went vegan and stopped smoking and to be honest that’s a lot, but it happened at my pace and it was GRAND. Change is invigorating and wakes you up to your surroundings and to how you feel about life and all the bits that come with it.

You don’t always need to be achieving something

This is a big one. This is for my hunnies who feel a weight of guilt sitting on their chest if they don’t feel like they’re progressing. It might be personally or professionally. Progressing can take on many forms, it might be a new skill or a new habit or a manifestation of self-improvement. Whatever it is, sometimes when you’re on a new track for a while, it might make you one-minded about your own personal trajectory. It could be millennial culture but I don’t think its fair to put an age on this feeling. We’re all a little bit obsessed with succeeding in our own way, for me, moving helped me to separate the difference in being “driven” and a constant need to always be achieving. Leaning into an experience that feels more like leaning out of a plane has proven that taking a breath and figuring out what you really want is an investment, not a waste of time.

While everything might seem different, most things stay the same

Nothing every really changes, unless you make a conscious decision for change. Life in Australia really is the exact same, just slightly different. “Grand” is “Far out” or “Easy. The humidity makes me look like I have just been electrocuted, constantly. You can pay up to $100 by tap (very dangerous). Buildings are bigger and rivers are wider, and while it may seem that I am very far from home sometimes, all the good things that I hold close for safe keeping, remain the same.

Things I’m grateful for this week:

  1. Ghost (Movie, hysterical)
  2. Tony Cantwell’s Shiteshow (Podcast, that at this point I should be getting commission for all the hashtag promo)
  3. Facebook Marketplace, it is a treasure trove of things you don’t need but will purchase
  4. My mom figuring how to send voice notes (Yas queen!)
  5. Mosquito spray
  6. Black inky pens
  7. Nicorette gum
  8. Our neighbourhood cafe that serves gorgeous coconut lattes through the window
  9. Fresh sourdough
  10. The feeling I get when I finish a blog

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