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Beating Anorexia | Part I

It took me three years to love myself and three years to separate myself from something that is quite frankly scary, ugly and terrifying. How DO I manage my condition? I remember what I have to lose if I return to that frame of mind, and it keeps me moving forward.

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Laylah Beattie | Inspiring Lady Alert

Laylah Beattie, formerly known as David Beattie is an author of two books, Just Saying and Who Cares? Both memoirs document her world view and her gender transition. Laylah has modeled for numerous brands and has worked as an activist for the LGBT community. She has appeared on the Late Late Show and most recently […]

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Joanna Fortune | Inspiring Lady Alert

What drove you to pursuing a career in psychology, specializing in working with children? I have always had a curiosity about how the human mind works and how our overt behavior is underpinned by our emotional states.  I was always a keen observer of human behavior and interaction and loved to listen to people talk and […]

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