Laylah Beattie | Inspiring Lady Alert

Laylah Beattie, formerly known as David Beattie is an author of two books, Just Saying and Who Cares? Both memoirs document her world view and her gender transition. Laylah has modeled for numerous brands and has worked as an activist for the LGBT community. She has appeared on the Late Late Show and most recently […]

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Hannah Hacks

I Found Out I Was Bisexual | Hannah’s Hacks

Hello, my name is Hannah and I’m bisexual, just so you know. Before I start, please consider these statistics; a most recent Irish study carried out by Glen and the BeLong group in 2016 found that: 1/5 people believe that bisexual people are just confused by their sexuality or have not quite figured it out […]

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‘My Vagina Hates Me’ | An Interview on Intimacy

I’m sitting in Starbucks beside someone who has the sex appeal of Dita Von Teese. Looking at this girl, you would never question whether or not she has had sex because she simply oozes sexiness.  What is it? It’s called Vaginismus Defined as the painful spasmodic contraction of the vagina in response to physical contact […]

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