Why Are You Here?

Girls and boys,

You are here because you are SICK to your whitener stripped teeth of exhausting yourself in pursuit of what it takes to be healthy and happy like all the influenzas out there.

Guess what? I’m not an influenza and I am happy AND healthy. I want to share my knowledge with you because you’re worth it.

You’re sick of the fads, you want the facts. You want to be a hot ride, but you don’t want to get up at 4 AM for a 10K jog, drink egg whites or rub coconut oil on your thighs in a cold shower to get rid of cellulite.

You don’t have 1K to blow on moisturizer, or blow-drys, or sports luxe looks. You can just about afford a crisp sandwich.

Are you tired? I’m so tired. I’m *so* tired of being spoon fed BS that makes me feel inadequate, even as a healthy-ish person.

You’re here because I’m a health writer who makes decisions based on actual health, not on commission or white lies or myths or money-making.

You’re here because I have been trying and testing everything since I was 14, trying and testing everything that I believed would make me look and feel good. After years and years of experiments, I KNOW what makes me feel and look good.

You’re here because I’m not going to pretend I know everything. I’m going to show you how not feel like a failure for having a chicken roll, or missing that run or drinking that martini.

You’re here because I promise to give you nothing but the truth.

You’re here because I’m not another influencer.

Let’s go.